Ashley's Stud Man Story

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Stud Man
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Sexy Little Girl Ashley "Come to mama, baby," Edith Richmond said softly to the incredbily hung nineteen year old college sophmore, "let mama have some of that nice big pecker!!!" Keith Barker gave his hips a little shimmy, causing his massive erections to swing gently back a forth, giving the sixty five year old cocksucker a thrill as he made he way across the room so where she was sitting!!! "Oh my, Daniel," she said to her husband, who had by this time pulled his own pecker out of his pants and was casually fisting it as he stared in rapt fascination as his wife of forty one years wrapped her lips around Keith Barker's rock hard penis, "he's absolutely divine!!!" The Richmonds had for years made it a habit of finding well hung young studs to orally satisfy, but Keith Barker had by far the nicest erection either of them had ever seen, and for once, he really seemed to be enjoying the oral serivce that the two senior citizens performed so enthusiastically!!! Even though she was quite elderly, Edith Richmond was an expert cocksucker, and while she still enjoyed sucking her husband Daniel, what she really lived for was sitting in front of a handsome young man, opening up his pants, and devouring the hard young meat she'd find hidden inside!!! There was just no subsitute for hard young cock, and so, with a skill learned over forty plus years of cocksucking, Edith went to work on young Keith's erection, and in just a matter of moments had him filling her mouth with another load of red hot cum!!!

Ashley's tits Later that night back at his dorm room, Keith was settling down to do some studying, when all at once the door burst open and in strode his girl friend, who with her eyes blazing asked in a very accusatory voice, "So, where have you been all afternoon, and don't tell me you were at the library, I checked!?!" "Uh, now Ashley, don't jump to any conclusions," he replied quickly, "I was uh, just out, that's all, just out!!!" Oh, Keith," she said softly, "you were out letting those old folks suck your cock again weren't you!?!" "Well, uh, ya see, Ash," he stammered, "it's like this......" "I know, I know," she replied tiredly, "but it just isn't right, and I don't care how much they pay you!!!" "I'm sorry, baby," he said softly while taking her into his arms and kissing her full on the lips, "they pay me five hundred big ones, and I just can't turn it down, and besides, you know it doesn't mean a thing, after all, you're the only one I really care about!!!"

Ashley Topless It was the same arguement that they'd been having for the last three months, but no matter how mad or upset she was, when Keith took her in his big strong arms, kissed her, and then as he was doing right this instant, pushed her back down on the bed and gently removed her panties and sucked her shaved vagina, well, she just melted and forgave him like she always did!!! "Oh, Keith," she sighed while holding his head firmly in place, I don't know why I put up with you, you make me so darned mad!!!" Lifting his head to give her a little wink, he whispered softly, "Well maybe it's because I love eating your pussy and I've also got a huge dick that's always there when you need it!!!" "That might have something to do with it," she chuckled, "but it still hurts when you let othr people have what's mine!!!" Keith offered another apology, and then without warning, he vigorously attacked her pussy with his tongue, which quickly wrung a crushing orgasm from her dripping snatch!!!

Ashley's Puss Later as they lay together with Ashley nestled in his arms, she asked softly, "Do you mind if I take it out, just for a little while, I just wanna hold it!?!" "Oh, I guess so," he said good naturedly, "that is if you really want to!!!" "You know I do," she said excitedly while struggling with his zipper, "I just love the way it gets so hard in my mouth!!!" "Now wait a minute," he said in mock surprise, "you said you only wanted to hold it, and now here you are talkin' about putting it into your mouth, you're not trying to take advantage of me are you!?!" "Who me," she replied meekly as she finally extracted the quickly growing snake from its cotton prison, "I'd never do that, in fact, just to show you what a nice girl I am, I'm not gonna put in my mouth at all, instead I'm gonna do this," and with cat like agility, Ashley spun her body around, and in the wink of and eye, mounted him and let the thick pecker slowly bury itself deep inside of her gaping cunt!!!

Ashley Nude with Razor and Shaving Cream "Y-you're all bad," he gasped as she bottomed out on his eight inch wonder, "did anyone ever tell you that you're a cockhound!?!" While slowly grinding her crotch down hard over him, she moaned softly and replied in a thick tongued voice, "I'm only a hound for your cock, baby, only yours, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhm you're so fucking huge, I just love it so much!!!" As she continued grinding away, Keith grabbed her around the waist, and in a quick motion, rolled her over onto her back while never letting his pecker slip out of her buttery cunt!!! "So, how'd you like to really get fucked," he whispered into her ear!?! "Oh, yessss," she hissed, "oh yes, fuck me hard, jam me with your fucking hard pecker!!!" Keith didn't need another invitation, so as Ashley hung on for dear life, he began rhythmically pounding her incredibly supple vagina into absolute submission!!! "Oh, god," she whimpered, "y-you're so fucking huge, oh please, fuck me harder, oh god you just fill me up to the brim!!!" If there's anything a man likes to hear, it's a woman begging him for more, and Keith Barker was no different than the next guy, so hearing his pretty young girl friend begging like a dog for his cock, well naturally that just sent him into overdrive as he brutally pounded away into her tiny hot slit!!!

Shaving Cream on Ashley's Pussy As her orgasm neared, big croccodile tears began forming in the corners of her eyes, and in a small whispered voice she asked haltingly, "Y-you'd rather fuck me than those old biddies wouldn't you, Keith, I'd just die if you said no!?!" Keith kissed her eyes softly while not missing a beat with his cock, and in a tender tone replied, "Never, I've never enjoyed fucking anyone but you, they're just a job, you're my true lover!!!" Just hearing him speak so lovingly to her, and coupled with the incredible fullness she felt in her vagina, Ashley's pussy shuddered hard several times and collapsed hard around Keith's pecker inducing both of them to brutally hard climaxes!!! "God you make so fucking hot," he said while nibbling on her sweet neck, "that was the best ever, I swear it was!!!" "You say that every time," she teased while still relishing the feeling of having his softening dick inside of her!!! "But it's true," he replied, "you are truly a fucking wonder!!!" "Why thank you kind sir," she said in mock thankfulness, "and so are you," and with that they both slipped off into a deep restful sleep!!!

Ashley Rubs the Shaving Cream in Her Pussy Cade didn't know what time it was when he finally woke up, but when his eyes finally focused on the digital clock on the night stand he realized that is was nearly midnight, so he got up and half stumbled to the bath room to take a leak!!! He had completely forgotten that Ashley had fallen asleep with him, so when he opend the door and saw her sitting on the toilet with the lid down, he stammmered, "What's goin' on, Ash, I didn't realize you were still here!?!" "Oh, nothing much," she replied easily, "I'm just shaving, that's all!!!" His mind still wasn't competely in drive yet, so he said dumbly in a questioning voice, "Shaving!?!" "Uh huh," she replied softly, "you know, my pussy, I'm shaving it nice an clean, just for you!!!" Now he was fully awake, and his eyes quickly locked on Ashley's incredibly beautiful pussy that was totally lather up up with shaving cream!!! "Do you know what," she asked coyly!?! "No," he croaked, "tell me what!?!" "Wellllll," she answered softly, "it's just that when ever I shave my pussy I almost always have a really hard orgasm, isn't that neat!?!" "Oh jesus," he panted while watching her carefully maneuver the twin bladed razor around her most intimate of parts, "y-you're just doing this to drive me crazy, aren't you!?!" "What ever do you mean, Keith," she said with false incredulation, "do you really think that I'd do something so underhanded, ohhhhhhh my, that feels so good!?!"

Ashley Shaves Her Pussy Cade's pecker was now standing at full attention, but playing her part to the end, Ashley completely ignored it while she continued softly moaning and shaving at the same time!!! "A-are you just about finished," he asked hopefully!?! "Oh, I'm sorry," she replied sweetly, "do you need to use the toilet!?!" "That's not what I meant and you know it," he gasped while watching her lips come into full view as the last of the soap disappeared for her bulging cunt!!! "Well, I'm not a mind reader, Keith Barker," she said in false admonition, "you'll have to explain exactly what you mean!!!" "I wanna fuck yo so bad, "he moaned while fisting his big cock in front of her, "p-please hurry!!!" Making sure to take the maximum possible time while wiping off her pussy lips, she casually got to her feet and stretched hard, giving him a good look at every crevice and cranny of her beautiful young body!!! "Do you like what you see, "she asked softly!?! "Oh god, Ash," he moaned, "I've just gotta have it, please, don't make me wait another second!!!"

Ashley's Pussy All Nice and Spanking Clean! Ashley came over to him and kissed him softly on the cheek and said, "You're so cute when you're excited," and then very calmly and casually, she turned away from him, leaned over the sink, spread her legs wide apart, and exposed her very puffy and smooth pussy to his ravenous eyes, and turning her head around and softly said, "well, what are you waiting for stud man!?!" This is what Poland must have felt like when the Germans hit them with the blitzkrieg to start WWII, because before she had barely gotten the words out of her mouth, Keith fairly leapt at her and with a single stoke buried his meat into her steaming pussy with one fierce stroke, almost bringing her to her knees in the process!!! "Good, grief," she groaned while taking each and every stroke and and savoring it was fine wine, "fuck me hard stud boy, show how a man takes care of his woman!!!" She was driving him right up the wall and she knew it, but he was so far gone he didn't even care, all he wanted was to get his gun off and it didn't matter if she making fun of him or not!!! With the sweat pouring off of them, KeithF took Ashley from behind with such brutal ferocity, that when they both finally came, they barely had enough energy to slip to the floor and gasp for breath!!!

"Ya know what," he asked softly, "did anyone ever tell you that you're a complete nut!?!" After giving him a little peck on the head of his cock she replied, "Only you, lover, only you!!!"

The End

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