When I'm not available, your call will be routed to our 24 hour phone sex line where girls are available 24/7!

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Iím Charlie and one of the youngest girls here at the Ho House.

Iím a naughty little bad girl who just loves to play. She said I would fit right in with the other Hoís! ♥giggle♥ I have this thing for older men ~ I just adore them! Maybe because they always seem to adore me.

I love to tease, show off my tits and body, and then be made to pay for being such a slutty little tease! I love when I get what Iím asking for and made to take whatís coming to me, which is usually a cock shoved down my throat or a big hard dick filling my tight little holes.

And nothing is better than having hot cum covering my mouth and face or dripping down on my little tits.

Come play in my room. I have all the toys!
Play my video for a sneak preview.
Then, call me!

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When I'm not available, your call will be routed to our 24/7 phone sex
line where you can speak with one of my many sexy friends.

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20 Minute Time Blocks / $40

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