When I'm not available, your call will be routed to our 24 hour phone sex line where girls are available 24/7!

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Hi! Iím Clarissa - a Texas born, spoiled little princess. So how did I wind up here in this Ho House? Well, my husband worships the ground I walk on, but is much, much older and just canít give his young wife what she really needs ~ a stiff hard cock! So this little house of ill repute offers me the perfect outlet to get what I canít get at home! Does my husband know? Oh, yes ~ but thereís nothing he can do about it. I go home each night with my pussy dripping cum, and let my cuckold husband lick it out of me while I tell him about all the hot guys I just fucked. Call and be my next dirty talk bedtime story!

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When I'm not available, your call will be routed to our 24/7 phone sex
line where you can speak with one of my many sexy friends.

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Calls from the U.S. and Canada

10 Minutes / $25

20 Minute Time Blocks / $40

International Calls: $3.00 min with 10-min minimum

Major Credit/Debit/Gift Cards Accepted

[ Calls Will Be Discreetly Billed]

Please have your card ready when you call

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