Taylor's Admirer Story

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The Admirer
Written by a Fan!
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Her boyfriend threw me out the door so hard I flew over the porch and landed in the grass.

"So Vic... Do you believe I have a boy friend now???" she said standing next to him in the door way with her soft feminine hand on his chest.

I slowly got up from the grass with my hands on my balls where he had grabbed me. My ass was sore and I could still taste his cock in my mouth. I made my way to the car when I heard her say,

"I'll be in touch Vic... and you had better answer when I do..."

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Taylor's sexy face A week had gone by since I made that regretful trip to Taylor ’s house. Her boyfriend had completely humiliated me and violated me in every way possible. I tried to forget the whole nightmare, but it was impossible. I threw away her number and deleted her email address - just trying to put it in the past.

It all started one night at the bar when I had to walk up to the bar to get a drink because the waitress was taking too long. I noticed Taylor wearing this sexy little black dress sitting at the bar with her friend. I saw something fall out her purse hanging on her chair when she bumped it and that was my cue for a conversation. I walked over and picked it up. It was a small bottle of hand lotion.

“Excuse me miss but this just fell out of your purse.” I said getting her attention.

She turned and looked at me with her breathtaking eyes that practically had me speechless. She looked down and took the hand lotion from hand and said, “Thanks… I wouldn’t want to lose this… A girl’s got to have her lotion you know…”

Taylor lounging in sexy blue dress As speechless as she made me, I did manage to say something.

“Of course… Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure… I love it when men buy me things.” She said as she put some of the hand lotion on her hands and started rubbing it in. The feminine scent coming from the lotion was getting me hard and I was falling in love with her. I ordered us some drinks - even buying one for her friend. I told her my name and she gave me hers.

The bartender brought us our drinks and she said, “You know, I have an even bigger bottle of lotion at home. I sometimes need help putting it on…”

“I would love to help you with it.” I said.

“I bet you would.” She said as she took her soft silky hands and slid them down my face leaving a slight film of the lotion behind. She then touched my nose and said, “Thanks for the drink”

Taylor' tits She turned and went talking back to her friend. She had given me one hell of a raging hard on that I thought it was going to bust through my pants. I tied to chime in on their conversation but I started to get the feeling I was being ignored. She told her friend that she needed to use the little girl’s room and got up and walked to the restroom. I watched her every step.

“Hey!” her friend said getting my attention. “Don’t you think it’s time to go back to your table?” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“She’s not interested in you.”

“You saw the way she talked to me. I think she is interested in me.”

Her friend laughed and said, “Are you drunk??? She was fucking with you…”

“Yea right.” I said not wanting to believe her.

Taylor fucking boyfriend "She is way out of your league…unless you own an airline or something and I highly doubt that… Look, I’m sure she gave you one hell of an erection, just take that and be happy… Otherwise, she will hurt you in ways you’ve never even imagined… Trust me…”

I was about to walk away because I knew that even if she was interested, her friend was not going to let anything happen. It was right about that time when Taylor ’s friend's cell phone went off. I looked at the lit screen as she put it up to her ear and it was Taylor and it had her number. I quickly burned the number into my memory saying it over and over. Then I listened in on the conversation.

“Yea he’s still here…Okay… I’ll get rid of him…”

She closed the phone and turned to me.
“ Taylor ’s not coming back until you leave, so just go away.”

Nasty Taylor on top So I said good bye and walked away. I could still smell that sexy scent left behind from Taylor’s hands. It haunted me for the rest of the night and through my dreams. I needed her in a bad way. I remembered her talking about National Trust. It’s a banking firm that I was sure she worked for. So I called the firm and asked for her. They said they only had one Taylor there and gave me her last name before transferring me. When she answered and I heard her soft sexy voice again, I got nervous and asked to open an account. She said she didn’t do that and transferred me again, so I just hung up. I had her last name and quickly figured out her work email by using her last name and first initial with the bank address. That is when I started to write my letters and send flowers of love. Little did I know, I was only digging my grave.

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It had been a week since I visited her. The woman I tried so hard to make think of me, I was now hoping would forget me. But it wasn’t that easy because when I opened my email this morning there was a letter from her with a blank subject.

Dirty, Hot Taylor doggy style She wrote:

Hi Vicky,

How are those testicles? I would call them balls but after the way you let my boyfriend manhandle you and throw you around, I’m convinced you don’t have any.

I just wanted to tell you how much fun my boyfriend and I had the other night. I really enjoyed watching him dominate you. The way he forced you to your knees and made you suck his cock. Mmm… It made me so wet and horny that after he threw you out, I fucked his brains out right there in the living room. I must say it was the best sex we ever had.

Because he had already spent his load on you, he lasted longer with me making it far more pleasurable. So I guess I do have a use for you after all.

The way I see it, you have two choices. A) you can ignore me and my boyfriend and I will track you down pretty much the same way you did me. And after he gets done beating the crap out of you, he will force to suck his cock cum and all like you know he can. Or B), you can willfully submit to us and save yourself some pain. In fact I think I would like to hear you call him Master.

Remember, I always get what I want.

I have to go now. It’s time for my boyfriend to help me with my body lotion.

Ta Ta

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The End

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